My work combines photography, printmaking, drawing and installation to create works of art resembling internal structural systems. I am intrigued by the scientific process in which intense investigation of minute subunits is integral to understanding the whole picture. Transitioning between macro- and microcosmic worlds, I use the contrast between darkness and light to create abstractions of space reminiscent of both natural and human landscapes.


Explorations, Investigations

For the past 10 years, my main subject matter has been the physical nature of light.      Using digital photography, I capture light as it reflects and refracts off various surfaces. These projections generate seemingly random, yet ordered patterns of light relating to forms present in the natural world; i.e. molecular, cellular and/or anatomical architecture. Incorporating the process of photo-silkscreen and various digital techniques, I build my images through the printing of semi-transparent  layers. This slow layering process works to capture an ethereal lightness, while still embodying a sense of richness and depth that in many ways resembles an oil painting.

Recently, I have started to incorporate bleach and dye effects into my printable surfaces. These elements of adding and subtracting to the background surface offer a sense of time spent and lost, memory and eventually disintegration. Illustrating both a single moment, as well as a sense of history, these additional components allow the viewer to be part of the ephemeral and elusive nature of light; witnesses to time as it continues to pass us by in a series of fleeting moments.